Looking for a predictable approach to revving up your 1H pipeline?

Join us for, “6 Keys To Building A Multi-Million Dollar B2B Pipeline NOW”

February 22nd @ 11:30am

Julie Edgett, President of Assert Digital, a B2B Marketing and Demand Generation Firm as she shares proven best practices that reflect what works NOW for B2B firms as they embark on 2018 business growth.

In this 20 minute, hard-hitting webinar you will learn:

1. How to accelerate your pipeline creation based on your ideal customer profile

2. Why you need to know how your ideal customers “inform themselves” when making buying decisions and what to do about it

3. How to align the way your ideal customers “inform themselves” with your content creation process.

4. Why building content journeys and automating “email touches” is the best first step

5. How to identify what is not working and pivot quickly to optimize your efforts

6. How to get the whole company on-board and generate inbound traffic within your ideal customer segment for FREE

Build your pipeline faster with higher quality prospects – it’s worth 20 minutes!

P.S. Participants will receive a proven “How-To” guide for a key deliverable, so please join us!

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