5 Ways to Ramp Up B2B SaaS sales with Hubspot

Whether you’re new to HubSpot or already use it for some of your customer relationship management tasks, chances are that you can squeeze even more productivity from this powerful tool. Hubspot offers several modules your B2B SaaS company can use to streamline the sales process. Here’s how you can use HubSpot for managing SaaS marketing: […]

Look for These Expanded Hubspot Service Modules in 2023

As a comprehensive marketing, sales, and customer resource management platform, Hubspot has built a reputation for responding to marketing trends and new applications that enable more efficient search engine optimization features. In 2023, the company is likely to continue improving its SEO tools to help businesses improve their visibility in search engine results pages. Here […]

Tracking LinkedIn Ads in HubSpot

Integrating LinkedIn with Hubspot empowers brands and marketers to create hyper-targeted messaging to highly segmented audiences directly within HubSpot. LinkedIn offers a number of advertising options that can be tracked and analyzed in Hubspot. To set up tracking for your LinkedIn ads in Hubspot, you’ll need to follow these steps:   Create a LinkedIn Ads […]

Track Website Visitor Referrals in Hubspot

Knowing where your website traffic originates gives your SaaS, managed service, startup, or growth-state company valuable insights into which of your messages resonates most with your target audience. Hubspot allows you to track which third-party websites are referring the most traffic to your site, helping you develop more strategic marketing campaigns. Here’s how to track […]