Fusion Consulting, Inc., an INC 500 | 5000 SAP Gold Partner, specializes in big data visualization and data management software for multiple industries with a specific focus on healthcare.

Their tenure of implementing large-scale data management solutions and customizing data visualization implementations for various industries led them to build a suite of “big-data accelerators” to speed the time-to-value for their clients.


Due to the regulatory changes in healthcare, Fusion’s big-data accelerator for the industry was in demand. They realized their need for a targeted digital marketing strategy to build awareness and generate leads for their platform.

Fusion’s business is implementing solutions, not managing new marketing efforts. With no dedicated in-house resources to marshal for this effort, they decided to engage Assert Digital to address their top challenges.

Challenge #1

Need To Rapidly Launch Their New Product
With significant risks on the line for healthcare organizations catalyzing the opportunity for Fusion, they quickly realized the need to brand their healthcare accelerator platform. Their long-term partnerships with Cisco and SAP provided a significant opportunity to sell their accelerator, which they would not be able to take advantage of until the product messaging and assets were in place.

Assert Capabilities Included

Challenge #2

Outdated Web Presence
Fusion had a long history of success delivering SAP solutions, however, their website was a “one-size fits all” approach without persona specific content. With multiple data accelerators, Fusion worked with Assert to define the primary brand messaging for healthcare buyers, sub-brand messaging and content for other industries. This was a major gap in the existing website content which needed to be solved.

Challenge #3

Lack Of Valuable Content For Lead Generation
One of the major drivers for this project was an upcoming strategic partner meeting with Cisco® and SAP® executives. Fusion’s leadership team needed to have the website, collateral and Fusion Health Advantage™ story in place in time for this event. Assert Digital pushed to have all assets reviewed, tested and launched on time.


Building More Than A Website, Capturing A New Opportunity
When markets move into a favorable position, growth-minded companies move with them. To be successful, it is paramount to define the right steps, get to know the buyers intimately and to craft messaging and content assets to engage them.

Step 1: Content Gap Analysis & Product Naming

Our team led the assessment and found content items useful in crafting messaging, but they did not tell the whole story. We determined, through interviews with Fusion’s team, the priority elements necessary to build corporate and product specific messaging for Fusion’s varied platforms and services.

We also realized the need for a product naming convention for the new data accelerator. The Assert team researched and recommended names to the executive team. The final name selected for the platform was “The Fusion Health Advantage,” which was speedily trademarked.

Step 2: Buyer Persona-Based Messaging, Assets and Campaigns

Understanding healthcare buyers was key to producing content relevant to their interests. ‘When we work with executives we combine buyer persona research with internal interviews to gain an understanding of the real pains their solutions solve,” Julie Edgett of Assert Digital shared. “The value of this effort is realized when we produce content elements the buyer finds valuable.”

Assert Digital’s creative team crafted imagery and messaging tailored to speak to each persona. This approach set the stage for valuable lead generation opportunities.

Step 3: The Launch

Launching Fusion’s new website and product marketing campaign gave their executive team the assets they needed to launch their new Fusion Health Advantage™ product to their strategic partners Cisco® and SAP®.