“Assert Digital’s team was an instant fit with out team, eliminating the friction that often comes with using external resources. I’ll happily work with the team at Assert again.”

Paul French, Chief Marketing Officer


Allegro develops and markets integrated commodity management software providing position visibility, risk management, comprehensive controls and regulatory compliance. Allegro customers manage commodities from production to consumption, including oil and gas production, petroleum refining, agriculture and forestry, mining, chemicals, metals, food, transportation, commercial and utility sectors. Allegro software is tailored to the specific needs of each commodity, with a comprehensive set of features and functions to support profitable decisions. Allegro is headquartered in Dallas, with offices in Calgary, Houston, Jakarta, London, Malaysia, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Zurich, with a global ecosystem of partners.


Until recently, their internal marketing team had focused solely on generating market demand for their extensive on-premise solution, but now with the trend toward powerful distributed computing capabilities, Allegro created a new SaaS product providing all of the power of Allegro’s core platform, with the convenience and flexibility of the Cloud.  This opened a tremendous opportunity for Allegro given the potential to serve customers they were formerly unable to serve due to the price and implementation timeframe for their on-premise solution.


Allegro’s marketing team undertook the project of redeveloping their website, as part of a launch program for their new SaaS platform.  However, their internal team was not able to keep up with the demand for 20 pages of long-form content they needed to serve their analytical audience.

With only three weeks to launch, Julie Edgett stepped in and quickly ramped up on the new product and industries their served.  As an integral part of their team, she produced over 20,000 words of SEO copywriting for on-message content within two weeks to ensure they met their go-live launch date.

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