“Julie is a modern strategic marketing professional for our B2B company. I was impressed from the outset by Julie’s presentation, language and disciplined approach to the modern requirements and efficiencies of B2B marketing. Julie’s approach is thorough and she customizes clearly our targets, how to touch and how to measure/manage the process using modern marketing automation. She has artfully dispelled me of the notion that marketing is an art. Its an understandable process.”

Rik Heller
Chairman and CEO
FreshLoc Technologies, Inc.


Since 1999 FreshLoc has been helping hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centers and food operations comply with regulations to protect the people they serve. FreshLoc was the first wireless temperature monitoring company to offer industry wide compliant reporting and documentation. Today FreshLoc through its FreshNet™ Cloud processes more than 26 million measurements daily for our clients. FreshLoc deployed the first commercially available wireless sensory cloud in more than 1200 sites nationwide.  FreshLoc’s subsidiary, Wello Inc. is an innovator in reducing disease spread and increasing patient safety.


With over 22,000 active contacts in their Salesforce CRM, 10 sales people nationwide and thousands of emails being sent monthly by their in-house marketing department, FreshLoc needed a solution to link their marketing and sales efforts across multiple channels, efforts and interactions.

Missed Opportunities To Move Contacts Into Buying Mode

The in-house marketing team was doing a good job of generating interest through surveys and webinars, but providing high-value assets to continue the “conversation” with leads that were not “sales ready” was not being fulfilled. Healthcare professionals who attended events, but did not perform an activity to be considered “sales qualified,” were simply added to the CRM database, with no further process for one-on-one follow up. Since there were thousands of healthcare contacts in this state, the marketing team was constantly faced with the challenge of finding “new leads” – rather than maturing the leads already in their CRM.

Communication Gap After Sending Out Product Quotes

Another gap existed where sales team members were responsible for reaching out to interested prospects and creating quotes, but once these quotes were sent and opportunities created, often via email, account executives would then move on to the next prospect. Without a defined follow up process coupled with content assets designed to move these prospects along the buyers journey, prospects were often “left in the pipeline.This resulted in hundreds of opportunities in the sales funnel, with no effective way to move them to maturity.

Not Nurturing Leads Is Common But Costly

This is a common practice for many B2B manufacturers, but it is costly. Disruptions in the prospect’s journey before, during or after the sales team contacted them represented a significant, unrealized revenue opportunity. This brought up key questions like, “How are can we move more “marketing qualified leads,” those that have shown interest in the product, but are not ready to buy, along the path to purchase?

The company was at risk of silently loosing significant revenue due to these communication gaps, putting more pressure on marketing to solely drive new leads, rather than focusing on maturing leads already in the funnel.

Assert Capabilities Included


In order to expand the company’s market share, Rik Heller, Chairman and CEO of FreshLoc, decided to change his marketing and sales culture. Instead of the traditional separation, he engaged Assert Digital to help realize his vision of uniting marketing and sales with the process and technology necessary to track contact interactions along their funnel from visitor, to lead, to marketing qualified lead, to sales qualified lead and finally to customer and product evangelist.

This courageous move allowed senior executives to understand how many leads were being moved along the buyers journey, while implementing a “post-quote” nurture effort. This process combined marketing automation, original content development and cross-functional collaboration to grow FreshLoc.

#1 Sales & Marketing Goal Setting

By collaborating, the company overcame barriers and crafted a united definition of what constitutes a lead and the information and activities “contacts must perform” in order to be considered ready for direct sales follow up. This mutual understanding enabled marketing to clearly identify a list of healthcare professionals from events and other lead generation activities they could help educate about their product. Sales was then able to solely focus on those contacts which expressed an interest in learning more, and they cooperated with marketing to create a new campaign for healthcare contacts who requested product quotes, but were not ready to purchase.

#2 New Technology Helps Unify and Measure Marketing and Sales Efforts

By installing HubSpot Marketing and integrating this with the Salesforce CRM, Assert Digital was able to provide FreshLoc executives and employees with a transparent,

measurable understanding of every marketing campaign. This was then tied to goals allowing leaders to see which efforts were most productive and invest more.

#3 Courageous Attitudes

By working together as never before, sales and marketing were able to communicate about what sales team members needed and marketing was better equipped with “in the field” insights to ensure content was on target. This new collaborative atmosphere enabled FreshLoc to create new campaigns and better leverage information gathered from surveys and webinars. Overall, the company grew to realize they could be courageous and create new experiences for their prospective customers to explore their products in ways that set them apart from the competition.