“Amplifi needed to reposition their brand to capture an emerging Digital Transformation marketplace.  Their history was in Oracle Commerce integration – we helped them craft the messaging and digital marketing and website assets to become a future leader capable of deploying solutions crafted for data management throughout the enterprise.”

Julie Edgett
Assert Digital


Amplifi has a history of success with the past several years as one of the top Oracle Commerce integrators nationwide. Today Amplifi has expanded into a digital transformation consultancy that helps the world’s leading brands thrive in today’s always connected society. They holistically integrate business strategy, user experience design, marketing and technology execution, operations, enterprise governance, and innovation to deliver a portfolio of best-in-class digital services.


For years, Amplifi built their reputation on being known for Oracle Commerce implementations. Once they decided to expand, they quickly realized they needed to reposition their brand to include their new capabilities as a digital transformation consulting firm. To do so they would need a full time effort for several months to prepare to launch their new services into the data management space. This created quite a challenge given their desire to launch within 90 days.

Challenge #1: Lack Of Awareness

Although the consultants they hired had a significant reputation associated with the new market, their company brand was unknown. This meant a major repositioning effort was necessary to expand their brand.

Challenge #2: Limited Dedicated In-house Marketing

Amplifi’s team included SEO and PPC experts, but no corporate or content marketing team members. This gap meant finding an agency versed in professional inbound marketing was a must – we fit the bill.


Amplifi expands services to capture new markets

The first step Assert’s team took was to host a “Branding Workshop” customized to their needs to identify the senior executive’s goals, map the current brand equity to those goals and create a brand messaging guideline for the repositioning effort, GoAmplifi. This workshop culminated in a “GoAmplifi Brand Guideline,” which enabled the executive team and staff to express their new brand cohesively both visually and verbally.

Brand-Centric, Persona-Based Web Presence

Their decision to re-position their brand meant the old website had to be retired. This launched a website redevelopment effort which followed these stages:
1. Sitemap development & ley page wire framing
2. Six unique buyer personas
3. WordPress theme customization
4. Content development with various subject matter experts
5. Landing page and creative development
6. Executive review and launch
This process was comprehensive including interviews with each of the six practice leads ensuring their specific buyer personas

Inbound Marketing Campaigns
Making the most of inbound marketing requires that you understand who you are selling to so you can engage them. We create detailed buyer personas to ensure our content addresses their most pressing needs and engages them with relevant information. In Amplifi’s case, we created individual content for each stage of the sales cycle to continuously engage and qualify high-value leads. This program included specific elements like:
• Customized persona-based landing pages per practice
• Distinct content development for high-value practice areas
• Keyword campaign research SEO copywriting