“New Facebook advertising campaigns combined with improved email marketing generated over 30X return for Metro Decor.  This resulted in some of their best sales events ever. “

Julie Edgett, Principal
Assert Digital


As a leading San Diego custom and modern furniture retailer, Metro Decor has grown by offering unique styles and finds in a convenient downtown location. However, they realized many of their clients were choosing to visit their online website catalog and Facebook page before visiting the store. This led the their leadership team to reach out to Assert Digital in search of new ways to expand their brand digitally and drive more in-store sales.


Following a review of the retailers digital assets, Assert quickly realized both Facebook and their email database were areas where improvement could provide rapid wins.

Metro’s Owner Wanted More

The store owner challenged Assert to create ways to attract and engage more new customers, because furniture is often an infrequent purchase.  In particular he wanted more high-value customers capable of purchasing their custom-furniture line.  Metro’s Facebook business page was well “Liked” with over 50,000 active individuals due to their active in-store promotion and frequent promoted posts, but there was still room for improvement.  Assert had an opportunity to expand their advertising approach with tailored campaigns and innovative thinking.

Email Issues Become An Opportunity

Another area for improvement was their email database.  Their subscriber base was a huge asset for their retailer, but under utilized due to a lack of website integration and high unsubscribe rates.  Metro’s owners were also emphatic about minimizing the amount of mailings, so care would have to be taken to optimize the mailing sequence and frequency given these constraints.


After assessing their Facebook advertising account, Assert Digital recognized new opportunities by crafting “custom audiences” based on like profiles similar to those from Metro’s like group. They also were not leveraging the Facebook Offers functionality or other engagement opportunities offered within Facebook. Assert recommended campaigns centered on specific product promotions and storewide events using Facebook’s Offer feature where logged in users were actively marketed to through ads and invited to redeem the offer. This drove over a 30X multiple of revenue in comparison to the advertising investment they made. Several custom audiences were created to target dimensions within their customer base that would enable the retailer to attract and engage new customers in their delivery area – but that had never purchased from Metro Decor before.

Their email database was an opportunity left largely untapped. When we met, Assert recognized Metro’s website visitors were unable to subscribe and receive email offers. This was built and deployed immediately. The owner campaigns would be infrequent due to his promise to his customers. This meant only large events would be promoted. Assert crafted event specific campaigns to drive engagement for “Pre-Sales” events and “Clearance” events – key to managing on-floor inventory.

Finally, the retailer needed a blog to highlight events and specific furniture lines. Assert created a custom blog and included it as a resource for more information for email and Facebook campaigns.

All of these aspects of our engagement ensured Metro grew their revenue as a result of more targeted and intelligent digital marketing efforts.