“The team at Assert Digital understands technology marketing, with special focus on inbound marketing and content creation. They have a good understanding of the needs of startup ventures in particular. I think they are a great addition to any organization interested in a marketing partner”

Tony Clarey, EVP


For almost a decade, Perfectial has served as the remote development arm of growing startups and software development firms in the US and Europe.

Located in the Ukraine, their business model offered low-rate, highly skilled near-shore development for .Net, Ruby on Rails and web application technologies. In pursuit of growth, Perfectial retained Assert Digital to develop a targeted content marketing strategy centered on key account case studies.


After performing a content audit, we realized Perfectial lacked critically important items, particularly customer success stories and service-specific content. They also suffered from low website ranking and brand awareness in the U.S.

Assert Digital’s strategy team recommended a focused content marketing effort to enhance awareness and drive leads.

Success Stories No One Had Told

Over time, pillar accounts gave Perfectial the ability to tell stories of long-term success. These retainer-based relationships were key to the firm’s sustainability, so these stories were identified as a top priority.
Lack Of Third-Party Creditability

With over 8 years in business and happy customers, Perfectial had never thought to apply for industry awards. We recommended applying for an IT research fir researched key third party research groups and discovered Clutch.co.
No Go-To-Market Or Lead Generation Strategy

One of the major drivers for this project was an upcoming strategic partner meeting with Cisco® executives. Fusion’s leadership team needed to have the website, collateral and data Fusion Health Advantage™ story in place in time for this event. Assert Digital pushed to have all assets reviewed, tested and launched on time.

The Solution

Content Marketing Leads To Sales

Content marketing is a powerful way of generating inbound leads for an inside sales. Perfectial’s team needed more inbound leads, so it was a natural step to craft content marketing campaigns focused on customer successes.

Success Stories And Content Marketing Drive Leads

We conducted our 360° Customer Success Interviews™ to capture the experience of the project team and the client’s key counterparts revealing the value of the relationship initially and over time.

These stories were shared as part of a series of content marketing campaigns focused on the “startup executive” persona and the “IT director” persona. The campaigns generated sales qualified leads (SQL’s) for Perfectial’s inside sales team – improving their pipeline significantly.

Awards For Brand Awareness Thru Public Relations

Our research yielded the opportunity to apply to Clutch.co – an IT research firm specializing in reviewing and rating mid-market professional services firms.

Top 20 SERP’s In Just 3 Months

Before, Perfectial did not rank at all for their target keywords in the U.S. Following a targeted content marketing campaign combined with a public relations effort around the Clutch.co award, the firm ranked for high-value, long-tail keywords in their market niche. They moved from the 90th spot to the top 20 search engine results page within 3 months.

Over the duration of our eight month engagement, Perfectial realized the achievement of key business objectives in the U.S. market. We were proud to be a part of their ongoing growth and success.