Outcomes: Wello

By December 8, 2017Outcomes

Assert Digital’s approach is thorough and clearly customized to our targets, and allows us to measure/manage the process using automated marketing. They have artfully dispelled me of the notion that marketing is an art. Its an understandable process.

Rik HellerChairman and CEO, Wello Inc


Infection prevention is more to the founder of wello, Inc. than a means to an end, it’s his mission.  Rik Heller, infection preventionist and germ expert created the new welloStation to prevent infection spread using hands-free, non-contact fever screening capable of preventing contagious persons from spreading disease.   This innovation brought with it challenges, those included:

  • Creating brand value for a new medical device in the minds of healthcare and long-term-care professionals
  • Awareness for the ways this new device would solve the problem of infection prevention in healthcare and adjacent markets
  • Introduction of this new product into the healthcare market
  • Direct sales team members needed leads to consistently follow up and purse the steps necessary to win over buyers involved in the traditionally long sales cycle
  • Marketing and sales platforms needed to be connected so “leads” from HubSpot Marketing would be instantly connected with Salesforce to keep sales people productive
  • Multiple virtual webinars were held to communicate value of the product and solution to target contacts

100+ Sales Leads in 45 days

Sales leads, that lead to conversations

Providing the sales team with opportunities to continue the conversation made the team more productive and started conversations designed to move prospects farther down the buyers journey.

400% Increase In Organic Website Traffic

No Paid Media Necessary

With a focused strategy of leveraging cross posting and promoting content, wello increased leads without increasing costs.

360°Sales and Marketing Alignment

Making the marketing process part of sales outcomes

All leads were tracked from HubSpot into Salesforce for full funnel tracking to opportunities.


  • Defined the overall marketing & sales strategy, developed the key performance metrics. Refreshed their brand, rebuilt their website, created specific email ampaigns, and downloadable content assets or each job role within the target accounts
  • Continuous lead generation campaigns were put in place to move prospects from awareness to sales qualified
  • Create new proactive nurture campaigns for non-sales ready prospects