Dominate Your Domain with Pillar-Based Marketing Content

Pillar-based marketing optimizes content marketing by strategically focusing on creating a portfolio of quality content articles (known as pillars) around specific topics. These pillars which serve as launching point for establishing a brand’s authority in its industry vertical or market. The concept of domain authority shifts in pillar-based marketing in several ways:   Focused Topics: […]

Leveraging 7 Proven Steps to Accelerate SaaS Startup Growth

Developing, formalizing, and following a growth strategy provides your software-as-a-service company with an outline of operational and marketing strategies and a plan for mobilizing these strategies and initiatives. A plan based on your growth methodology will inform all your customer communications, engagement, and conversion tasks. It is a key component of a B2B SaaS company’s […]

7 Steps to Producing and Promoting SaaS Webinars

B2B software-as-a-service companies increasingly are producing webinars to reach potential customers who are ready to buy. Managed service providers can demonstrate their expertise and nurture leads by producing interesting webinar content and promoting it aggressively to their most likely leads. Interested in exploring the benefits of hosting your own webinar? Assert Digital has assembled this […]

Use Hyper-specialized Emails for More Qualified SaaS Leads

Segmenting sales leads into definable category personas allows B2B software-as-a-service providers to personalize email communications to create a more enjoyable and convertible customer journey. Showing potential clients that you understand their particular challenges based on their target market and growth stage is key to activating a winning customer relationship management program. Here are a few […]